"David and Fatima"
Boom Operator

"When the going gets messy..."
They put several pounds of dirt and garbage in an air cannon and fired it just prior to action.

"Hmm... A dolly push-in with foreground and background dialog."
I am covering the two leads and they sit on the hood of the car.

"Low ceiling, wide shot"
Martin Landau's character gives adivce about love to our lead actors in his garden.

"So, you will be talking and walking..."
There are four people talking in this scene, the actor just off camera will step into the middle of the room. Our poles will uncross in a moment...

"Six stories, no railing! It's a rooftop talk"
Six and a half stories up on an exposed rooftop over looking downtown LA. Just behind the bounce is a 1/2 story drop and behind the camera man is six stories. Let's put: (from left to right) a Grip, the DP, the 1rst AC, Me, the 2nd AC, the Director, and two Actors up here, why not?

"It's a close up, no, it's a wide shot..."
I am wearing the mixer, though it's hard to tell. The actors are moving all over the place and the lighting is just right for me to cast a full body shadow on both of them, if I don't stay far away.

"Pirate Camp"
Boom Operator

"As a One-er everyone..."
Just lay out the dolly track and follow the sword fight that has dialog. It's a Malibu, CA cliffside over-looking Santa Monica, CA near sunset.

"Same time, same place, a little silhouette."
Taken just a few moments later than the one above, it's getting to be nightfall on the cliffside.

"The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks"
Boom Operator

"Last Day. Hmm... Maybe I should get some pictures taken of me?"
"See mom, I was there!"

"Let's walk and talk down a low-ceiling hallway... handheld!"
I am ready and waiting for this low-ceiling walk&talk.